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Hey there, we're Lena Harrison and Jannik Hansen, and we're excited to share our story with you! During our Master's studies in Intermedia and Marketing, we joined forces to create stunning photographs, animations, and videos for companies. We take pride in our work, infusing it with creativity, style, and a touch of humor. Our experience in both agencies and companies allows us to create tailored content that's impossible to ignore. We're all about recognizable designs that make a statement and capture the essence of your brand. Let's make some unforgettable projects together!

Hey, we're Spice Cream

Nature's Way
What sets us apart

At the heart of our work is creating content that's fresh and captivating. From the initial concept to final production, we handle everything in-house, from sourcing props to photography, animation, graphic design, and post-production. This means we can guarantee clear communication and seamless delivery every step of the way.

Our Background

By combining our artistic vision with marketing expertise, we create content that not only looks visually engaging, but also resonates with your target audience and creates a buzz.

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Our Range

We offer flexible content packages to suit your needs, whether you require a monthly flat rate or a one-time, creative campaign. Our services are tailored to provide you with the right solution for your specific goals and budget.

Our approach
1 - Getting to know You

We start by getting to know your brand and collaborating with you to identify the goals you want to accomplish.

2 - Conception

Next, we begin the brainstorming process for image and graphic concepts and share them with you for approval.

3 - Production

We kick off the production process by sourcing and developing props, and then move on to styling and designing the set for the shoot.

4 - Post-Production

Once the photography, filming, and/or graphic design is complete, we dive into the editing process. We carefully review each image to ensure the final product is nothing short of stunning.

5 - Approval

We'll send you the low-resolution content we've created and wait for your final approval and any feedback for minor tweaks.

6 - Final Submission

Finally, once we've received your approval, we send you the final high-resolution images or footage that you can use on your website, social media, or other marketing channels as desired.

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