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After we have studied something with media , tried a lot, tinkered around and teamed up, we offer you a wide range of different content options and strategies. With humor, emotion and recognizable imagery, we create unique designs that will attract attention through harmony, symmetry and color.

We present you, your company or your band online and analogue from the best side and bring you together with your groupies.

Oh yes, we do print stuff too, of course.

Lena und Jannik neu.JPG

Growing up in the age of Facebook and Instagram, we have seen the development of digital media and - perhaps too - spent a lot of time with them. Now we can say that we have invested in working with social networks for over a decade. So we can help you and your company and / or your band with this experience to get started successfully online.

We are young, wild and somehow sweet as sugar. Moin, we are Lena Harrison and Jannik Hansen.

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