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You only have one chance to make a good, first impression.
And what better way to do that other than with exciting content?
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Spice Cream

That's us, Lena Harrison and Jannik Hansen.

During our master’s degree Intermedia and Marketing, we got together to create photographs, animations and videos for companies and bands alike. We did it in our own style and with a lot of creativity.

We create content that is recognizable, colorful and humorous by applying our knowledge from University and our experience from agencies and companies we worked at.

That sets us apart

We specialize in creating fresh and appealing content. Our work includes everything from the concept idea to creative elaboration to looking for and buying props, photography, animation, graphic design and post-production. We do everything in-house so we can ensure seamless communication and delivery.

Our Background

We combine creativity with marketing so that we can make content that looks engaging and creates a stir.

Our Range

Whether you would like content monthly as a flat rate or a one-time, creative campaign, we have the right thing for you.

Our approach
1 - Getting to know You

In the first step, we get to know your brand and together we work out the goals you want to achieve.

2 - Conception

Next we start with the brainstorming of image and graphic concepts, which we then send to you for approval.

3 - Production

We start the production process, which includes the procurement and development of props, and begin with the styling and designing of the content production.

4 - Post-Production

As soon as we are done with the photography, filming and / or the graphic design, we look through the images and start editing.

5 - Approval

We will send you the created content with low resolution and wait for your final approval and your feedback for minor changes.

6 - Final Submission

In the final step, we will send you the content in a high resolution, which you then can use on social media and on your websites long term.

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